About SaintlyMic

About SaintlyMic

Jesus made me Born Again in 1973.

I started serving Jesus in 1987.

I started several of my websites in 1998.

This year marks my websites’ anniversary of 25 years!


My works are:

1. Writing
2. Building Websites
3. 3D world in Active Worlds – AciveWorlds.com
Look for the JESUSisGODtv World!

4. Prayer Advocate
5. Encourager


The things I love and enjoy:

I enjoy my life in Jesus!
I enjoy many things!
I love everyone!
I love animals.
I love writing.
I love studying.
I love theology.
I love eschatology.
I love being in the End Times.
I love building websites.
I love ActiveWorlds.com.
I love technology.
I love new things.


The things I hate:

I hate satan!
I hate demons.
I hate evil things.
I hate evil ways.
I hate evil devices.
I hate sin and iniquity.
I hate wickedness.
I hate abortion.
I hate murder.
I hate violence.
I hate lies.

Author: SaintlyMic

I am a Born Again Christian Saint !
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